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Flash drives have changed the way of portable storage and file transfer. Flash drives are highly convenient for storing data, file transfer, and data back-up. They have replaced the floppy disk of yesteryears, only with more advanced technology and more storage capacity. Flash drives are one of the most used computer peripherals used for a variety of purposes, as mentioned above. The user base for flash drives is enormous. Students use flash drives for notes, documents and related stuff. Corporates use flash drives to carry and transfer presentations, relevant documents, etc. Flash drives are also used to store and transfer images, videos, songs, games and much more. And just like any other device, there are chances of the flash drive crashing or getting corrupt which means losing a lot of essential data. Hence flash data recovery services are essential to restore the lost data with accuracy and precision.

More about flash drives: No doubt the flash drives are smaller and faster and have a higher capacity. They can be erased and rewritten with ease unlike the floppy disks of previous times. Although it is more durable due to the lack of moving parts, the chances of data loss have increased due to this factor. Some of the key components of a flash drive include flash memory, crystal, controller IC, resistors and capacitors.

Data loss may take place in a flash drive due to physical or logical problems. Data deletion, virus attacks, partition formation, etc. are some of the standard logical problems that lead to loss of data. Power failure, shorting, breakdown of a connector, etc are the general causes of physical damage. There is nothing to worry about it though, with Data Empires’ expert data recovery services at the helm.

Common causes of data corruption and loss:

  • USB driver issues.
  • Accidental deletion of files or formatting of the device
  • NAND memory wear
  • Removal of the flash drive directly without ejecting it
  • Mishandling of the drive while in use
  • OS crash Several more reasons could lead to loss of data or data corruption.

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In case of data corruption or loss from flash drive of any kind namely thumb drive, pen drive, jet flash drive, memory cards, and sticks, and handy drive, contact us to get your data restored. At Data Empires, our team of experienced and skilled professionals uses the latest technology and high-quality machines to recover data with sheer accuracy and efficiency. Whether the damage is logical or physical, we have a solution for everything. Our team assesses the damage and then takes the right action. Our service is time-bound and fluid and we ensure to get it done by the stipulated time frame.


Pricing Policy:

The pricing varies according to the type of flash drive and the amount of lost or corrupted data. Our pricing is fixed and nominal for individuals as well as organizations.
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