Auto BITLOCKER , TPM 1.2, windows 10, Data Recovery Process


Hello everyone, welcome to data Empires. Friends, many of vendors are facing an issue in latest laptops of 8th, 9th and 10th generation, in which original windows 10 is installed. The problem is that, when the operating system is formatted or updated, the drive shows auto bit locker security message at the boot time. Friends, this happens due to a recently added hardware based security related function, called TPM (trusted platform module).

This is an access control and authentication function which works over cryptographic key. It is auto enabled in latest laptops. If the laptop or system is in working condition and the operating system is getting boot then in this condition TPM can be disabled. This problem is faced mostly after system repairing, when the laptop is in dead condition and the repairing expert has updated or reprogrammed the bios during the repairing process or the motherboard has been changed. At the time, when the hard disc is connected after laptop repairing, just after company logo, bit locker encryption message appears. There are different versions of TPM. In which, TPM 1.2 is the older version and TPM 2.0 is the latest version. In this training session we are going to discuss the solution of TPM 1.2 issue.

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