Data is crucial! As organizations presently are dealing with a lot of user information, it is essential to maintain all data securely. Holding personal information means you have to protect the data with absolute security.

However, there will be a time when the data becomes redundant, and you no longer require it. As such, organizations holding essential user information that cannot leave the data unaddressed.

Thus, all devices where such data information is stored like HHD, SSD, Servers have to be deliberately checked, and all information in the devices has to be deleted. To avoid any kind of data leak, it is essential that you either destroy or permanently remove the data.

However, you need to understand and effectively delete all such data. Data disposal is essential to protect data privacy. While you may often believe that deleting data is enough, as a fact, it isn’t sufficient. Wiping or deleting data can still leave traces of your data.

Hence, to ensure you have appropriately deleted data, you need to monitor if your data is permanently deleted or wiped.

Data Wiping

In specific devices like HHD, when you delete data, the data is not forever deleted. We often misunderstand this and think that the data has been deleted. However, the original file remains there. The actual thing that is really removed is only the sign pointing to where the file can be found. On an HDD, the data can be recovered as they are stored in the divided sectors.

Therefore, for the permanent deletion or unrecoverable data on an HHD, you may require a secure wiping data method. Overwriting data over the old ones is the best method chosen. This wiping data method formulates new layers of data over the old. In the case of hidden areas, you can use available tools to access the data. Although it might be difficult to access such data, having complete know-how about retrieving the data might be helpful.

In the case of an SSD, wiping data is more challenging. SSD stores data randomly. It makes it difficult to know where the data is written. Wiping data on an SSD is an almost impossible affair as you cannot erase a single file. The entire data has to be wiped using the SE commands, which release electrons from the SSD’s storage cells.

To ensure your data is completely secured, you need to use the right data wiping software that ensures your data is permanently deleted.

Data Deletion

As an organization, user information is more than significant ever, in case you delete all company information even by mistake, then still your hard disk might be carrying fundamental and secretive information that you want to delete when such data is no longer useful or not needed.

However, data deletion is a myth. Your files are still stored and can be restored from the Recycle Bin. Even when you hit ‘Delete Permanently’ the source files can yet be found. Therefore, the best way to delete the files permanently is to wipe or overwrite the data.

Data erasure is meant to clear the data or destruct whatever data is present through software or overwriting data in all sectors of the drive. Your drive is then available for fresh use.

Another process for deleting essential data from your device is to destroy your digital device. As absurd as it may sound, sometimes absolute data deletion is not possible. In cases of an SSD, they do not support specific interfaces and commands. Even wiping or overwriting data might not help. In such a case, destroying or shredding your SSD professionally is the only right option.

Therefore, data deletion might not be as simple as it sounds. Holding personal information means you’re holding sensitive data at your discourse. To avoid any data breach or infringement of peculiar information, or to prevent any further discrepancies, it is essential to either wipe off your data or destroy it thoroughly. Sometimes even without realizing it, your data might be stored or hidden in areas of your device, which is not comprehensible. Hence, to permanently delete all vital information from your device, you can even hire professionals to leave no trace behind. At Data Empires, we are well-versed in wiping out all your data with the help of high-quality machines and advanced technology. Leverage our data wiping services to effectively and efficiently wipe your data without any electronic storage medium.