Data means the world to us today, as data is everything. Imagine what happens if suddenly the storage device used on the device you are reading this blog on crashes? The device is going to get turned off itself probably. As the world becomes more of a digital place to live in, the significance of a storage drive is only going to increase. Be it a cloud storage facility or your work computer processing so much data every single day, storage drives are there, everywhere. Server stations, websites, data centers, AI upload stations all rely on storage devices to save their data. Thus, data recovery is becoming a very relevant subject to have sound knowledge about these days. 

For any computer system to function optimally, the importance of a storage device is endless. Such is the case even for our good old hard disk drives to run our computers. This year 2020 marks the 64th anniversary of the hard disk drive, and as days progressed, we have only seen the rise of faster, better, and reliable storage drives. In that case, you might be wondering what happens if data on a storage drive is lost? Data is always recoverable, and for that, one needs to understand the importance of professional data recovery training. But before heading straight to that, let us understand what data recovery is precisely, and how is it done?

Data Recovery and Its Importance

The process of restoring or getting back lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, encrypted, and inaccessible data from a storage drive is known as data recovery. Recovery is only possible with rewritable storage drives. Again a rewritable storage drive is a device that allows to store, delete and restore data into it. However, the modern-day storage system works more on hard disk and solid-state drives. Data recovery services provide the solution of recovering these inaccessible data from a storage drive and then transfer them into a storage drive that you provide them. The restoration process involves the stitching of fragments of data that the hard drive has lost over time. Hence, skilled knowledge is required to execute the task. 


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How Data Loss Occurs?

Data loss from a storage drive occurs due to associated corrupt file systems. Loss of data can also happen when the drive suffers physical damage, malware attack, unexpected system shutdowns, sudden power cuts, and unknown file systems or formatting. Therefore, let’s find out briefly about the primary two causes of data loss from a storage device. 

➤ Physical Damage

Storage drives always come with moving mechanical parts unless they are modern-day SSDs or flash drives. A wide range of physical damage can happen to the moving mechanical parts during their operation, in case of a human mistake, or natural accidents. Damages can range from the breaking of magnetic tapes to mechanical failure of the motor rotating the disc stack. There might be chances that the needle which moves circumferentially across the disk is stuck and not functioning correctly. Hence, all these will lead to the loss of data from the hard drive.

➤  Malware and Virus Attacks

The worldwide web is a place exposed to tons of virus attacks. Trojan horses, malware, phishing agents are some other types of file formats through which a virus attack may take place. These files directly attack the storage drives and especially the hard drive running the operating system. In this case, chances of data loss exist the most. 

Importance of Data Recovery Service and Training 

Consider working on an important project, and the deadlines are closing in as the clock ticks by, suddenly your computer flashes a blue screen and shuts down! Now, while restarting the computer, you find out that the partition in which your project was stored is no more recognizable by the system BIOS due to some corruption. This is the warning sign and implies that if you wait anymore or try to do something on your own, it may lead to more damage and complete data loss. 

However, there is nothing to worry or panic about. The relief is simple; all you have to do is take it to a data recovery service center. Trained professionals will help you get back your data by utilizing their knowledge of data recovery. Thus, with an increasing number of storage drives every day, it would always be a good thing to know and do the restoration process yourself.


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Professional Data Recovery Training | Learning Modules

Data recovery training programs are available online that you can avail of at very pocket-friendly prices. However, the leading name has to be us here at Data Empires. With comprehensive training plans and pricing, we offer the most organized data recovery training. The best part is candidates can even recover their investment cost for the training by completing a task at the end of the course. Interested candidates availing of our courses will learn these below-mentioned things and receive course materials, and other study resources. 

➙ Recognize the symptoms of a failing HDD

➙ Understand the difference between Full Format and Quick Format, and the effects on the recovery process

➙ Creating clones of the storage drive

➙ Encrypt/Decrypt any data partition or USB storage device

➙ Recover lost data

Well, we hope by now you have understood the importance of professional data recovery training and the prospects it has. However, to avail of the course, a candidate has to have a very elementary knowledge of the Windows OS, and that is it. Come learning something new with us.