Whether an individual user or an official enterprise, you will always produce data, and this would then be stored in a specific storage space, preferably the hard disk. At times, due to unavoidable circumstances, the data is lost. Meaning that you can no longer access the same, even though it was located in your local storage a couple of hours ago.

Considering the fact that data holds tremendous importance, getting this data back or restoring them is a must. It could be a logical error or physical damage that resulted in data loss. Whatsoever be the reason, data recovery is one thing that none can ignore.

Logical Data Recovery

There are two kinds of data loss. One is the data loss incurred logically. What this implies is that logical data loss is the repercussion of a logical error.

  • Accidental deletion of a file
  • Infected with the virus
  • While reinstalling software
  • While formatting
  • Operating system failure
  • During deletion of partition
  • Partition Corruption

As so, it appears, these are some of the logical reasons that lead to a loss of data. Now all of these are irrevocable and don’t cost the organization or individual much. Training for logical data recovery is pretty simple and can be done without expert support and guidance.

In fact, there are plenty of tools and software available that automate the recovery of data lost due to a logical error. You can also take charge of repairing your own system and reinstating all of the lost data. Online Data recovery courses and materials have in-depth information on the know-how of logical data recovery.

In case you aren’t capable of successfully implementing the DIY method, there are also certain data recovery firms that can do the task for you, or at best; they can train you to handle similar situations in the future. The training modules designed by such agencies include all information pertaining to logical data recovery. Also, the fees charged for logical data recovery training isn’t much high.

Physical Data Recovery

If defined in the simplest form, physical data loss occurs when the hard drive suffers from extreme damage. It could be a hard drive crash or system failure, physical damage to your storage is the prime reason for loss of data physically. Now recovery of data here isn’t as simple as it was in the former case.

The problems here are complex and it might also happen that the drive is no longer operational. Repairing the storage and recovering data cannot be done by the user and requires expert support.

Users can either outsource their requirements or, at best, opt for Physical Data Recovery Training. The courses are designed under the guidance of domain experts who test and verify solutions suggested in the training courses. The cost of these data recovery courses is pretty high, not to mention the effort and skills needed to excel in the process.

Factually, recovery of data lost due to physical damage requires extensive knowledge of the hardware and the corresponding components (Cleanroom basics, Desoldering of components and then soldering the new ones, read/write head transplants, platter replacement, etc). It is not possible for a user to know all, and hence signing up for training modules and courses is the best way to solve the matter in-house.

Physical Data Recovery Vs Logical Data Recovery

  1. Cause


Hardware damage or mechanical disruption


Accidental deletion or virus intrusion.

Complexity Level:


The solution to such a problem is so critical because mechanical parts are so much sense and the size of electronic components and media-level parts are too small. one small can result in permanent data loss.


Solution of the logical case is less typical in the comparison of physical. Software tools provide good support for logical data recovery. But here we will be required to identify the actual reason for data loss.

  1. Repair


It cannot be recovered without comprehensive training, tools, and hands-on experience.


Users with basic knowledge or learning can effectively reinstate the data.

  1. Cost of Repair


Recovery of data lost due to physical damage is pretty expensive and can be as high as $700-$1000. But, with the Data Empires, the price, the service, and experience are undoubtedly different.


Logical data recovery doesn’t require much support or training, and hence, the price ranges between $100-$300 depending upon the cause of loss and the amount of data to be recovered.

The price which is what mentioned above charged by others. Still, don’t ensure about 100% of the recovery. To experience the difference, all I would like to say is get in touch with us and without a doubt, the result is ensured.

  1. Methods


Replace damaged components, Extract data from the damaged hardware and copy it to the new storage device.


Rebooting, or cleaning the virus. Apply multiple software for problems. Restoring the program to reconstruct the file system.


Where logical data recovery is something users can do without much training, physical data recovery seems to be the opposite. In case, you have just witnessed a loss, make sure you identify the cause and then take the necessary steps to restore the data.